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EASI, Inc. was established in 1993 to provide systems integration and technical assistance services to the manufacturing and process industries. We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers throughout all phases of a project – Project concept, definition, design, development, testing, installation and start-up support. If our customers require a complete turnkey package, we can provide it!

Ownership backgrounds include construction, manufacturing, and consulting experiences. This allows us to understand the needs of a manufacturing facility and the potential problems associated with installing and supporting automation systems. We utilize this experience to listen to our customer’s needs to provide solutions which meet those needs.

Our expertise includes the implementation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) from manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley, Modicon, GE, Siemens (TI), Omron, and Automation Direct. More importantly, we are able and willing to implement any PLC platform as directed by our customer. EASI is an authorized Rockwell Automation Solution Provider, a Wonderware System Integrator, a GE Solution Provider, and an Inductive Automation Integrator. We have implemented projects using Rockwell Automation Factory Talk View Site Edition, Factory Talk View Machine Edition, RSView32, Wonderware InTouch, Legacy Intellution FIX32, GE Proficy iFix, and Siemens WinCC. Again, we are not limited to these software packages and will implement the standards of our customer.

We have developed and implemented a batch process systems using Allen Bradley PLC's, based on ISA Batch Standard S-88.01. These systems have been implemented in the biotech/pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The software for many of the biotech/pharmaceutical systems has been validated per FDA requirements.

Is painless start-up possible? Absolutely! Every piece of code that is developed at EASI, Inc. is thoroughly tested before it leaves our office to be downloaded at the customer’s facility. What this means is that start-up consists of doing field wiring checks, loop checks, loop tuning, etc., without any conflicts due to software bugs. We are so confident that our software is bug-free that we have started up a production line with product!

What makes EASI, Inc. the best choice? We think the way we do business sets us apart from all others.  We take a personal ineterest in the relationship with our customers.  The ownership of EASI, Inc. is involved in every project. We maintain a strong "hands on" relationship with our projects. We provide a working environment for our employees and contractors that supports and encorages proper project design and development. Every employee and contractor has access to any tool necessary to complete a project, from hardware to software, and training. Each employee and contractor is hand picked to be not only technically competent but to strive to provide each customer with the best solution available that meets the customer’s needs.

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