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EASI, Inc. appreciates the importance of project and production data management. This applies both to project development documentation, as well as process runtime and historical data logging and reporting. EASI takes full advantage of tools such as Ignition by Inductive Automation, MS SQLServer, MySQL, and WEB Services (HTML) to store, organize and present project information in useful, efficient, reliable, and meaningful formats.

EASI has developed a project database (using Microsoft Access) for Allen-Bradley PLC based systems, used to define and maintain all project PLC I/O and HMI database tag names and descriptions. The structure is consistent with ISA S88.01 "Control Module" and "Equipment Module" definitions. The database aids EASI in streamlining project development, and provides the end-user with a valuable project support tool. By maintaining project-to-project consistency, our Engineers spend less time "reinventing the wheel" and allowing them to support past projects without a "learning curve". Many companies claim to follow a programming structure and/or having "libraries", but EASI actually does and welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate it to you!

EASI develops many projects requiring production and statistical information to be archived and reported. Since EASI has a diverse history with regard to industrial applications, there is a solid understanding for the variety of process data management requirements by industry and by process. EASI is familiar (and has applied experience) with the basic requirements for batch, shift, machine efficiency, downtime, and inventory reporting. There is increased interest in "paperless reporting", using ODBC compliant databases, Visual Basic, and either ActiveX or Intranet technologies. EASI is now able to get plant floor data to the "front office", without having to print reams of paper, by "browsing" for the information. Each application is unique, but we can assist you with defining a "best fit" solution for you, and working with your staff to develop a practical, easy to use interface to you production data.

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