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By applying a sound design-build-test philosophy with structured control configuration and data mapping, HMI development can proceed in parallel with programmable logic controller configuration. This minimizes project development time without sacrificing quality.

Our experience in HMI spans nearly two decades in industries such as food/beverage, pharmaceutical/biotech, petrochemical, utilities, cryogenic air separation, and facilities. With this experience comes an appreciation for industry-specific, as well as application-specific, requirements for symbology, color coding, loop interface, tagging, reporting, and data collection. EASI, Inc. can assist customers in satisfying operating environment and ergonomic concerns. 

We work closely with our clients to define project screen requirements. Consistency, organization, aesthetics and precision are considerations for all of our screen designs. We try to reuse utility displays as much as possible to reduce development time and maintain consistency project to project. We promote the use of floating confirmation screens for operator downloads to help prevent unintentional or invalid value downloads.

Simple, user-friendly loop interface faceplates are tailored to meet the customer’s needs. By creating a template design approved by the customer, we are able to minimize or eliminate development "rework" to avoid cost and schedule overruns.

Although the development software defines how the HMI project is developed, we have been able to provide a surprising level of consistency from project to project and application to application.

Click on the following graphic to see an example of the type of detail EASI can provide in graphic illustrations thanks to simple 3-D rendering tools. Valves and pumps appear to change color based on their state, pipe colors reflect flow paths, and dynamic vessel levels and numeric process indications would overlay the graphic.

For more information contact Kenneth Wilson at kwilson@easiinc.com

A graphical Human-Machine Interface (HMI) can satisfy project requirements ranging from basic local control interaction to wide area data collection and reporting.

At EASI, Inc., we support a variety of HMI solutions to satisfy our customers’ internal standards. HMI design and development is provided by people experienced with multiple software solutions. EASI is a Rockwell Automation Solution Provider using Rockwell Software (RSI), a GE Solution Provider for Proficy iFix, a Wonderware System Integrator, and a Inductive Automation Systems Integrator.  Our capabilities will continue to grow as our customers’ needs grow.

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